Immortal Khemri

I’m revisiting my Tomb Kings for Warhammer 8th Edition, and my plan for this year is to finish painting a core of infantry, cavalry and chariots plus some accompanying scenery. Additional motivation for this project was provided by the excellent BBC documentary series Immortal Egypt which is now on the iPlayer to catch up on.

Some years ago I raised a regiment of Skeleton Warriors with simple base colours and drybrushing which I’m improving gradually by applying additional highlighting. I’ve done that so far on the first rank and am now happy with the overall look of the unit. Eventually I’m hoping to revisit the rear ranks as well, but first I want to make progress on the new elements of the force to get them all to a battle worthy state.

Front view of a regiment of skeletons with spears, a banner and a horn blower

Deep ranks of spearmen are the backbone of the armies of Khemri

Also part of the force already are two units of Skeleton Archers and a Liche Priest that I bought second hand, painted to a nice standard as a bonus.

Regiments of skeletons with spears and shields or bows arranged in a line

The army of the Tomb Kings is lining up in battle formation

14 thoughts on “Immortal Khemri

    • Thank you, that’s the old Enchanted Blue, which seemed fitting for a magically animated force. I like the regal appearance of the bronze and blue, quite in contrast to the rotting hordes of the Vampire Counts.

    • Thank you! An army of the Tomb Kings really comes into its own with its cavalry and chariot wing and themed terrain, which I’m hoping to complete throughout the year.

    • Cheers, I’m thinking about adding some larger hieroglyphs to the more plain shields and chariots later. Time to study the Egyptian writing system!

    • Thanks for the warning! I saw from a GW newsletter and went to the store yesterday to pick up some Tomb Guard. Other than those I previously bought everything I’d conceivably want in the foreseeable future so I should be set now. I was expecting the metal/finecast stuff to disappear, but not all the plastics just yet.

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