Defenders of a Lost Empire

The first regiment for my Oldhammer Imperial Dwarfs is finished. Prince Ulther’s Dragon Company is going to form the backbone of my small force, with a unit of crossbowmen, a throng of warriors and a battery of war machines to follow.

A twenty strong regiment of Dwarfs from Prince Ulther's Dragon Company in red and yellow livery

Prince Ulther’s full regiment assembled for war

Back view of a Dwarf regiment getting assaulted by two Dark Elf units from the front

Dwarf Ironbreakers are used to being surrounded by swarms of enemies

Dark Elves advance on Prince Ulther's Dwarf regiment

Defiantly the Dwarfs await the Dark Elf attack

Prince Ulther's Dwarfs lined up in shieldwall formation

The Ironbreakers form into a shieldwall

In addition to the regular warriors making up the company, I’ve included a sculpt from Citadel’s Dwarf range that’s very much in the same style and aiming his pistol, ready to fire off a shot. Clearly, he’s not entirely confident in blackpowder technology yet.

Dwarf warrior aiming his pistol at approaching Dark Elves

One last shot at close quarters before the melee erupts

7 thoughts on “Defenders of a Lost Empire

    • Thanks, glad you’re enjoying them. After they were finished I wanted to move on to another project, but the look of them ranked up on the battlefield motivated me to add the pistoleer and make a start on the flame cannon next.

    • Thank you! I’m thinking of grouping the army into different contingents, so the colours and emblem of the Dragon Company will be repeated on the flame cannon to tie them together in terms of background.

    • Cheers, though I can’t claim any originality, since I followed the colour scheme of the originals from their box set! The warriors for the army I’ll probably paint in more muted tones, so these guys will stick out as the rather flashy elite unit.

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