Raising the Dragon Banner

The distractions have been manyfold lately, but I am working away on my dwarfs and have completed the first half of the Dragon Company.

Amongst more troopers to fill the ranks, this also includes Prince Ulther’s trusty lieutenant Borri Forkbeard and the standard bearer carrying the Dragon Banner.

Borri Forkbeard, standard bearer and trooper of the Dragon Company

Borri Forkbeard oversees the raising of the Dragon Banner

I kept the banner design much simpler than on the original unit and closely tied it together with the colours and decorations on the regimental uniforms and shields.

Dwarf standard bearer carrying the banner with a green dragon on red field

The banner displays the heraldic colours and symbol of the Dragon Company

Back view of Borri Forkbeard with shield showing the emblem of the green dragon

Like Prince Ulther, Borri wields a double handed axe in combat

I am using three different shield types for the troopers which appeal to me as the most dwarven shapes, and that work well with the dragon emblem.

Three dwarf troopers of the Dragon Company with axes and shields

More dwarfs march to the muster

10 thoughts on “Raising the Dragon Banner

  1. Cool! I love the styalised dragon, and good choice on the shields dude – the one on the left of the bottom picture in particular. I love these guys :-)

    • Thanks, the design proved flexible enough to be transferable onto the narrow banner. For the next regiment I’ll have to attempt something slightly more naturalistic – Bugman’s Rangers with their foaming beer mug symbols.

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