Search and Destroy

Now at full combat strength, the newly recruited squad of Catachan Jungle Fighters has been sent out to purge the jungle around the base from hostile life forms.

A squad of Catachan Jungle Fighters under attack by a pair of Genestealers

The patrol runs into predators more deadly than even the native fauna

After Space Hulk was re-released I did some work on a brood of Genestealers to try out a colour scheme for a tabletop force. I had a mix in mind of the classic blue and purple and the dark original Alien design. The extremities are drybrushed in brown with a heavy black wash on top while the rest of the skin areas are ranging from deep purple to pink. Rather than paint the claws in bone, I left them plain black and coated them in gloss varnish to show that these beasts are not your average organic life form known to man.

Two Genestealers bearing down on Catachan Jungle Fighters

With nerves of steel the fighters fire at point blank

The special weapon of choice for the Catachans had to be a flamer of course. If the Tyranid incursion spreads, this will have to be upgraded to a heavy flamer…

A Catachan Jungle Fighter armed with a flamer

The flamer is equally suited for clearing fire corridors and direct enemy engagement

Close up of Catachan Jungle Fighters

For a Catachan Jungle Fighter, life is a daily struggle for survival

19 thoughts on “Search and Destroy

    • Thank you! I’ll need to try the colour scheme on a larger creature sometime, but I think it should work. I’ve used some mottling on the skulls as a way to break up large, plain areas. Should also make good brood markings.

  1. Very cool – love those jungle fighters and your Stealers are awesome! I’ll have to get around to painting my Space Hulk set!

    • Cheers, I have another four Genestealers with base colours on, going to finish them for skirmishing. I doubt I’ll ever paint the full Space Hulk set, but those Genestealers would be nice to have ready, as I’d like to do some (Advanced) Space Crusade gaming.

    • Thanks! I enjoyed putting this together, I think I’ll expand on the theme of Catachans fighting Tyranids on a jungle world a bit more and keep adding terrain and miniatures throughout the year.

    • Cheers, those crazy coloured aquarium plants are the quickest and cheapest way of putting a really alien looking jungle together. I prefer to keep my terrain pieces small and modular for storage, so I’ll have to rummage around a bit to see what else I have to match the setting. Creating a small outpost for the Guard would be nice.

    • I’m posting a blog later today with some cool links, blogs, guides, Twitter accounts etc. for making terrain, might be something there, especially if you’re keen on scratch building!

    • No dice were thrown, so it’s anybody’s guess at this stage. Want to place a bet? With such small forces, Necromunda rules might work well.

  2. Ok, I bet the gene stealers. How about the loser trawl through the depths of the winner’s website, read, and give a like AND a comment to EACH post. That’s just about as arduous as WordPress can get.

    • Thanks! I think everyone should own some genestealers.

      I’ve always pronounced it Ka-ta-shahn, but not sure either, I’m not from the area.

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