Into the Green Hell of Catachan

Since I’ve bought some aquarium plants as jungle flora recently I’ve been meaning to finally paint up a couple of the Catachan Jungle Fighters I’ve had in my stash since their release.

I started with a five man combat patrol with basic lasguns as armament which I’ll expand to a full squad with special weapon. It’s unlikely I’ll build up a full army since I always found that Catachans are more suitable for skirmish scenarios, but we’ll see where this goes. I own a few more metal models including officers and special weapon troopers.

Four soldiers in green jungle fatigues with laser rifles lead by a Sergeant with sword and pistol

Only the strong survive on Catachan

I didn’t want to do anything complicated like camo patterns, so the uniforms were painted in the old Catachan Green with an Athonian Camoshade wash and Loren Forest highlights. All very classic with the red bandanas and a good fit for my jungle terrain.

Back view of two Catachan Jungle Fighters

Essential equipment is shared out between the soldiers

Imperial Guard Catachan Jungle Fighter Sergeant with laspistol and chainsword

Sergeant Roddick’s chainsword clears the way

Imperial Guard Catachan Jungle Fighter with scoped lasgun

A lowlight targeting scope enhances accuracy amongst the undergrowth

Imperial Guard Catachan Jungle Fighter with lasgun

Furious determination is a Catachan’s best weapon


12 thoughts on “Into the Green Hell of Catachan

  1. Nice work! A very clean and effective look to them, and they’ll never become lost in the jungle with those classic red bandannas!

    • Thanks! I think the red even works as part of the camo scheme, after all the jungle is full of predatory plants with big red spikes (well, one for now, but I have two more massage balls I could paint up).

  2. Spot on mate – I do love the old Catachan sculpts… they were my first Guard purchase back in the day, and I’ve always had a soft spot for them… You certainly do them justice :-)

    Mine got turned into ‘Jungle Praetorians’, (which I do love dearly), but I might pick up some more one day and do them ‘properly’ for nostalgia reasons…

    • Thank you, the metal sculpts are very nice indeed, the Perrys were always best for humans. The plastic squad is horrible though, I assume that was someone else’s handiwork. Command squad and heavy weapons teams are much better again, and I really like the tripod mounted guns, so I’ll probably get some of those to expand the force.

  3. These are nice. I picked up a small squad of them a couple of years ago, just after I made a miniature jungle :)

    I have a couple of spare Catachans doing nothing if you are interested in them. Drop me a line if you are.

    • Can’t have jungle without jungle fighters, and vice versa.

      Thank you for the offer, but I have more than I will realistically paint up myself for now. Already lining up the next project(s), while there is also more work to be done on the Dark Angels before they go back into their boxes.

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