Lance and Crossbows

The first detachment of crossbowmen for my Oldhammer Dark Elves is finished. It’s a combination of five metal and five plastic figures from Citadel. For the second detachment I am mixing the plastics with metal Marauder sculpts.

A 10-strong detachment of Dark Elves with crossbows

A detachment of crossbowmen advances

I also completed the first of my Doomdrakes, five Dark Elf knights on Cold Ones. For the mount I went with a classic green scheme which also ties it into the army colours. The rider uses the uniform purple, black and iron with green accents. For this unit I want to use the more unusually shaped old shields. I painted this up very basic and will decorate it later once the rest of the unit is finished (probably with some runes in white).

Right side view of a Dark Elf rider on Cold One with shield and lance

A Doomdrake lowers her lance for the charge

I converted the rider and equipped her with a lance taken from the classic plastic skeleton horsemen. I think the long, slim lance tip fits the Dark Elven style very well.

Left side view of a Dark Elf rider on Cold One with shield and lance

Enemies will get skewered by a lance or mauled by a giant lizard

4 thoughts on “Lance and Crossbows

  1. Nice work. I’m not personally too fond of the mounts you’ve got there, but I understand the use of them (I’ve got figures of my own that I’ll paint for the same reasons). I do really like the riders and even the Fantasy Regiments Crossbowmen – they still hold up very nicely today. The Marauder ones fit in better than one might expect, mostly due to the effectively unifying paint scheme you’ve used.

    • Thanks! I quite like the Cold Ones, though this is probably not the strongest of the sculpts. It came to life for me when painting its grumpy little face with the yellow lizard eyes. The Dark Elves are my favourites from the Fantasy Regiments set.

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