Pleasure and Pain

Between my Undead and Dark Elves for Oldhammer I’ve been painting a lot of black lately. As a little distraction from all the rank and file for those armies I’ve decided to give the ever colourful Chaos some love.

As a starting point I used the only painted Chaos Warrior I had, a follower of Slaanesh. His base colour was already a pleasing shade of lime green which I highlighted a bit more. I then repainted the metal parts and gifted him a new shield with his patron’s symbol.

Front of Chaos Warrior of Slaanesh in light green armour with maul and shield

Back of Chaos Warrior of Slaanesh in light green armour with maul and shield

The second disciple of the Prince of Pleasure was painted from scratch. The careful mixing and layering of the pink armour was a painful process at times, but in the end I was ecstatic with the result.

Front of Chaos Warrior of Slaanesh in pink armour with sword

Back of Chaos Warrior of Slaanesh in pink armour with sword

18 thoughts on “Pleasure and Pain

    • Thank you! It was great to return to a figure I painted originally such a long time ago and then add another classic sculpt to make the beginning of a regiment. I’m reading through Realm of Chaos again as well now which is always inspirational.

  1. Those are great, the lime green is lovely. I tend to paint pink on my models with some regularity. The pleasing result tends to cause me to forget the hassle involved in applying it.

    I have had a 40k Slaanesh force in the wings since the eighties, but I got distracted with Nurgle in the late 90s. Work has started again though and Im really looking forward to getting properly stuck into them. I will be watching this project develop with added interest as a result. Keep them coming please :)

    • You are doing 40k Slaanesh? Now that’s something I am looking forward to seeing. Let’s see how far I’ll get before veering off in a different direction, but for now I have started on the third warrior. In theory there are also Daemonettes and a Keeper of Secrets to go with them.

    • Cheers, it was really exciting painting these guys. Chaos got very boring once this range was replaced by several generations of bland plastic kits.

    • It was painted over two days in several sessions, five or six hours all in all I’d say. Its not a complicated sculpt with lots of detail, but it needed to be neat. The worst thing was the left shoulder plate which I had to touch up several times after slips of the brush.

    • Cheers! I am wondering how many different colours I should use across the unit, it still needs some cohesion in the end. I think the lime and pink go very well together in a Slaaneshi way, so I might repeat them to some degree.

  2. Nice work on both of these guys. I like the freehand runes of Slaanesh in particular on the first guy, and the armour is quite striking on both, though I really like the Pink/Purple/Brass/Black on the newer one. I look forward to seeing how this unit pans out.

  3. Hi!

    I’ve got into warhammer again after a hiatus of many years, and one of my aesthetic inspirations for doing so was attempting to recreate the eighties style retina-burningly bright paint effect on my chaos army.

    Old photos from WD and realm of chaos usually aren’t great resolution, but then I stumbled upon your models – specifically your chaos warriors – which seem to be the best and cloest to the ‘eighties style’ that I’ve seen. You have inspired me!

    I was wondering whether you could post a brief description of how you painted them to achieve such a great and bright finish?

    • Thanks for the comment, glad to hear that you feel inspired to paint up some old school forces of Chaos yourself.

      I’m normally pretty lazy when it comes to building up highlights, relying on existing paints and washes with three our four steps of gradient at most. For these guys I realised that I’d need smooth transitions though, hence I gradually lightened the base colours by mixing in increasing amounts of white on a wet palette.

      The figures were base coated white, then I painted the base colours in, followed by darker washes applied into the recesses like the joints between armour plates. After that it was a case of building up highlights on the most raised parts of the armour. I kept the paint very thin, especially the final near white on the pink armour was more like a glaze in consistency.

      The weapons and chainmail were painted in Runefang Steel and given a thin wash of blue, in multiple layers where needed, before going over the edges with steel again.

    • Thanks! It was pleasure and pain in equal measures but the outcome was definitely satisfying. Still don’t have the full regiment completed, time to get back to them.

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