Salute 2015 – Horse & Musket

Best of Show at Salute 2015 deservedly went to Ron Ringrose and the Essex Gamsters for “Fort George”, based on a Bernard Cornwell novel set during the American War of Independence. The custom built terrain including ships and the level of detail in all the miniatures made this the stand out spectacle of the show.

Gaming table for The Fort at Salute 2015

View through the rigging of a ship

Floats docking onto a cargo boat

Column of troops marching past a trade post

Ships in full sail around Fort George

Tin Soldiers of Antwerp brought another lovingly created table this year depicting the Napoleonic “Battle of Charleroi”.

Fighting across a bridge before a scenic backdrop

Attackers viewpoint across the bridge

Blockbuster Wargames staged “The Battle of Lützen” in 1632 along a massive frontline.

Regiments fighting under windmills

Armies facing off

“Napoleon: The Last Gamble” was presented by Loughton Strike Force using the General de Brigade set of rules.

Cannons firing at advancing infantry

“Lake of Death – The Battle of Aruara” during the South American Wars of Independence was created by the South London Warlords.

Armies fighting over broken ground next to a lake

Black Powder rules were in play for “The Battle of Guilford Courthouse” during the American War of Independence by Newark Irregulars.

Troops advancing over fields and through woods

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