Lead Belching Machinery of Destruction

I am terrible at painting war machines, never quite being able to finish the machine and all its crew. Seeing the splendid results on Azazel’s Bitz Box of what can be achieved with some dedication towards the Machineries of Destruction I decided to do better from now on.

First up in my collection of now fully battle ready artillery is the Lead Belcher organ gun designed by Kev Adams for my Oldhammer Orcs & Goblins.

Front view of the Lead Belcher on the battlefield

Pointing the barrels in the right direction is a promising start

I happily took the shortcut of only painting three crewmen, which are required for the organ gun to be mobile on the battlefield. The additional crew are likely to find their way into the baggage train I am planning to build (one day).

Goblin crewmen for the Lead Belcher

Wat yu laffin’ at?

The second-hand set came with only two of the original wheel scythes, so I replaced them all with plastic scythe blades from the old Skeleton Warriors set.

Side view of the Lead Belcher with scythed wheels

Lotssa slicy bitz

Rear view of the Lead Belcher pointing at a unit of Orc Arrer Boyz

Kil ’em ded

4 thoughts on “Lead Belching Machinery of Destruction

  1. Look great! I never had (or even painted for others) a Lead Belcher, but I might just have to add one to “the list”. I like what you’ve done with both the machine and the crew (I always love some freehand writing!) – I wouldn’t have noticed that the scythes you’ve used are replacements if you hadn’t mentioned it, either. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

    • Thanks! It was a lucky find at Salute a few years back. The Goblin graffiti was a spur of the moment idea when I looked down the barrel from a crew’s point of view. Happy with the new scythes, I prefer them to the originals now, with their extra curvature for maximum wickedness. Next up in terms of artillery is the bolt thrower, still working on its Orc crew.

  2. I love it! They look malicious and amusing, just the way greenskins should. The free hand banner in the background regiment is insanely cool. I’m looking forward to your next post.

    • Thank you! I’d thought about painting them more colourful, with a green or red demonic face on the organ gun, but decided against it to not make it look too comical. Kev’s sculpting does enough to show the humorous side of these nasty little buggers, so I went with more natural tones to add realism. I’m between finishing things at the moment, so there’s not much exciting new painting to expect unfortunately.

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