Salute 2015 – Ancients & Medieval

I haven’t done any historical wargaming for years now since there are just too many projects to keep juggling at the same time. I have been eyeing up Saga however since I am more likely to finish a skirmishing force, or in some cases already have enough to field one. The original Dark Ages setting wasn’t an era I had much interest in, but with The Crescent and the Cross we are getting closer, at least geographically. I might be able to adjust some of the rules for my Sassanids for example. More likely, I’ll hang in long enough for a new expansion that covers a period I already have forces for.

In the meantime, I used the opportunity to ogle the many Saga tables at Salute 2015.

Games table for Saga: The Crescent and the Cross at Salute 2015

Games table for Saga at Salute 2015

Games table for Saga at Salute 2015

Dark Age warriors for Saga at Salute 2015

Dark Age skirmish in a town at Salute 2015

Games table for Saga: The Crescent and the Cross at Salute 2015

4Ground had a large sales stand and impressive new ranges on show. The table below tempted me to get some of their products, but the whole setup will set you back a couple hundred quid. Also, I have nowhere to store them.

Medieval harbour town terrain by 4Ground at Salute 2015

Medieval inn and market square by 4Ground at Salute 2015

Antiquity was represented by a large participation game created by Simon Miller, depicting a Roman civil war battle at Cremona in 69 AD and using the “To the Strongest!” set of rules.

Roman legionnaires in formation at Cremona

The battlefield at Cremona in 69 AD

Gladiators disembarking from river barges

The theme of this year’s Salute was Agincourt as it is the 600th anniversary of the battle. While there were several games with different takes on the recreation of the event, unfortunately there was no large display. The nicest presentation in my opinion was the below board by Ancient & Modern/Donnington Miniatures.

Battle of Agincourt being played using Field of Glory rules

Another medieval setting in “De Montfort Must Die”, a participation game by Wargames Illustrated. Here the players had to hunt down a rebel leader near Evesham in 1265.

Bands of knights are roaming across the landscape

A micro-board using larger scale knights set in the siege works at Harfleur provided the battleground in the below game for Anno Domini.

Knights trying to take a castle breach

Stockholm 1392 was the setting for Dalauppror’s “God’s Friends and the Whole World’s Enemies” in which the Swedish populace tried to fend off plundering German mercenaries and pirates.

Stockholm harbour and outer wall

3 thoughts on “Salute 2015 – Ancients & Medieval

  1. I snuffled around SAGA this year and finally cracked for the Revenants. I plan on picking up proper forces for the Cross and Crescent during the year, and some Byzantines if I can lay my hands on the rules for them (the relevant book seems to be out of stock everywhere under the sun). The rules seem deliciously straightforward with the odd slap on the wrist for the fidgy-widgy pedants out there, too.

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