Salute 2015 - Relief of Nordheim, Warhammer 3rd Edition

Salute 2015 – Fantasy

Fantasy wasn’t a strong category at Salute 2015 this year, with most tables being small demonstration games run by publishers. “The Relief of Nordheim” by ‘Ardhamma however proved a noteworthy exception – an Empire town defended by an alliance of Humans and Elves was under attack by the forces of Chaos, Orcs & Goblins and Barbarians, played out using Warhammer 3rd Edition rules.

The defence of the town of Nordheim
Many valiant hedges stand in the way of the forces of evil
The defenders of Nordheim line up outside the ramparts
Colourful mercenary pikemen form the backbone of Nordheim’s defence
Winged lancers crossing a bridge
Winged lancers are crossing the last bridge
Large units of Goblins march in support of the Chaos forces
Hordes of Goblins swarm across the countryside

Midlam Miniatures presented the 2nd edition of their board game Stalagbite! with custom built 3D terrain and the miniatures from their range.

The God Stalagmite at Salute 2015
Don’t touch the God Stalagbite!
Dwarfs exploring the caverns underneath the Lost Mountains
The dwarfs are cornered by angry stalagbites and creeping jeepers

Another game that caught my eye for its scenery was Frostgrave, in which wizards and their henchmen battle over lost artefacts in an ancient frozen city. Its release date is set for July.

A game of Frostgrave at Salute 2015
Frostgrave by Osprey Games and North Star Figures

Something a bit special once more from Frothers Unite who built a castle and dungeon to purge of filthy creatures while discovering hidden treasures.

A three level dungeon by Frothers Unite in Return to Castle Frötherheim
Three levels of fantasy dungeon goodness in Return to Castle Frötherheim

2 thoughts on “Salute 2015 – Fantasy”

  1. Looks great. One day I’ll have to break out (or at least re-read) WFB3 again. The flexibility of unit formations was always something I disliked the removal of, and that photos brings back memories of it all.


    1. Changing formations and trying to cross obstacles were the most fiddly parts of the game with figures falling over and getting tangled up. Our battles tended to go on for weeks at a time in large parts due to that I think. Then again we had a huge table tennis table to play on (9×5) and mostly plonked all our collections on it. Now that time is everyone’s most precious resource, I’m not sure that approach would still be practical. But as a visual spectacle, this is still what my gaming dreams are made of.


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