Murderous Kin

The core regiment of Dark Elf Warriors I started last year has been languishing close to completion for a while as I got distracted by the call of the necromancer. Now I’ve finally managed to paint the last three remaining figures to make a band of twenty.

Regiment of Warhammer Dark Elf Warriors for Oldhammer

There are a couple of elements I’ll go back to later on in the project before I can call it finished. There are some shields that don’t have emblems yet. I might rethink the design of the shields altogether and mix in more of the typical Dark Elf shapes that I used for two of the latest additions. I also kept their shield bosses, the one on the right came with the small demonic face that I didn’t want to lose.

Three Warhammer Dark Elf Warriors for Oldhammer

I still want to find a replacement for the missing banner top as well. I’m waiting for the right flash of inspiration, which will probably come once I start delving a bit into the army’s backstory.

Front rank Warhammer Dark Elf Warriors for Oldhammer

15 thoughts on “Murderous Kin

  1. Very “unit-y” look, nice! The models have quite a lot of variation in facial expressions – I haven’t realized that before.
    As I mentioned earlier, I admire your patience in painting shield designs.

    • Cheers! The sculpts in this range are actually quite varied, so now that I have a good mix in the unit, having a small palette of strong unit colours has paid off I think.

      The faces really only came out during painting, as they are so small and half hidden by helmets. Some great sculpting work amongst them, also with the armour details.

      My patience for painting shields did run out, hence I skipped a few. I will get back to them when I’m in the mood, otherwise I won’t be happy with the results. Luckily I’ll have to paint crossbowmen next, no shields on those.

  2. I painted a few of those old Dark Elves in the summer of 1995 and I converted one into a Dark Eldar Archon in late 98. They have a slightly peculiar style, but I have quite a soft spot for the sculpt.

    That unit looks really great :)

    • Unfortunately the Archon mini was swiped by some lowlife at a tournament in 99 or so, so it wont ever show up in another one of my games :(
      It was this guy, (or some components from him at least, definitely the rather cool head).

    • What a scumbag. I’d get very paranoid with too many strangers milling around my gaming table. Only once played in a non-private environment as far as I can recall.

  3. Beautiful. Your painting really looks great!

    I really like the style & Detail of those old dark elves. I had a hand full of them when I first discovered Citadel, but as my friends and I settled into collecting larger & more focused armies, I traded them off to “the dark elf guy.” Seeing these makes me wish I had hung on to them!

    • Thank you! Never too late to start collecting again… A friend of mine had a lot of Dark Elves back in the day, always found the army appealing. Slowly working my way through “stuff I always wished I had” now.

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