Warhammer Undead Skeleton Regiment for Oldhammer

Death Shall Reign

The core of my Oldhammer Undead army is finally finished with the completion of two 20-strong regiments of Skeleton Warriors.

Warhammer Undead Skeletons for Oldhammer
The undead are going to war against their former realm

One regiment is equipped with light armour and shields, the other with shields only. Though there is not much difference in their fighting prowess, the heavy infantry appears to be the army’s elite cadre, also reflected by their decorated shields. I hope they’ll live up to it.

Warhammer Undead Skeleton Regiment for Oldhammer
Armoured skeleton warriors ready to crush their foes
Warhammer Undead Skeleton Regiment for Oldhammer
Forever onwards the dead march

The standard bearers are based on the same sculpt, one of them sporting some additional trophy heads. I have painted these in varying skin tones to show that they have been taken over the course of several battles. The most fresh looking victim still seems to be aggrieved over the loss of his body.

Warhammer Undead Skeleton Banner for Oldhammer
Trophies taken from those who dared to oppose them
Warhammer Undead Skeleton Standard for Oldhammer
The light infantry is still ferocious in death

Next to be raised are 20 Zombies, but I also have Grim Reapers, Ghouls, a Plague Cart and a Liche in progress, so it’s anybody’s guess what will be finished first.

Warhammer Undead Vampire and Skeletons for Oldhammer
The vampire commands his legions

6 thoughts on “Death Shall Reign”

  1. wow! nice paint job on these skeletons. I remember around 1999 or 2000 I had two regiments of old metal skeletons in my Undead army. but I never managed to paint them all. So congrats!


    1. Thank you. I painted the first of these in the late ’90s as well, and only now finished them as two full metal regiments. The style and quality of painting on them evolved quite a bit over time, but I’m happy with the overall look, which is meant to be rusty and ragged.


  2. The burgeoning army is looking great. The palette of bone and black also works well, including across the vampire. I see you’ve got one of the holy grails of undead models. The Marauder!
    I can only wish that I had more of the guys in your unit there (I’ve only got about four) The metal skeletons had so much character.


    1. Most of these guys I got when they were still on sale, obviously wishing I had bought more of them now. I’m glad I did get the Marauder, classic indeed. I do need to paint his shield with the Marauder logo one of these days.

      The original figures in these units were speed painted at the time, and the choice of a simple colour scheme was partly due to that. I found it to be fitting though still, because these models have a variety of styles and poses, so this ties them together well.

      On my zombies I am adding a bit more colour to distinguish them as the more recently deceased, still garbed in their mouldy fashion of the day.


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