Warhammer Undead Armoured Skeletons for Oldhammer

Signs of Impending Death

My regiment of armoured Skeletons for Oldhammer is nearing completion. This time I am not taking any shortcuts by leaving the shields plain black to be finished later – which is too indeterminate a measure of time as I discovered. I took inspiration from Warhammer Armies for shield designs and browsed the classic artwork.

Warhammer Undead Armoured Skeletons for Oldhammer
Not even in death may these warriors rest

Part of this rank is also my first painted pre-slotta Skeleton. I found it to fit in well with the newer sculpts, any difference in height disguised by the solid base which I left attached and glued onto the slotta.

Warhammer Undead Pre-Slotta Skeleton for Oldhammer
Striding into battle on old, leaden bones

8 thoughts on “Signs of Impending Death”

  1. Nice work all around here. Those are some seriously old skeletons there (even the slotta ones), and the old-school handpainted shield style suits them perfectly,


    1. Thank you. I have yet to paint a miniature older than me, but I am getting close. Painting shields is fun, as long as I end up satisfied with the results, which is about 2/3 of the time. For the others I tell myself I can always repaint them at some point, but once the regiments are ranked up, that’ll be quickly forgotten.


    1. Thank you for the praise! I had a bunch of these since the late ’90s as part of my then current army. It was too much of a mix of styles, they are really coming into their own now in a full metal Oldhammer army. They are very characterful, down to the evil facial expressions, not easily achieved without actual faces! I’ll probably keep on collecting until I have them all. Got some classic like the plague cart and the chariot lined up, looking forward to them.


    1. Thanks, the additional bone colour on the shields brings out the skeletal aspect of these guys a bit more I feel. As they are so heavily armoured and cloaked, they were otherwise quite dark.

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