Preserved Beyond Death

I’ve been meaning to paint mummies for my Oldhammer Undead army for a while, knowing they would be a quick win. I also always liked the later metal sculpts, some of which I have photographed here.

With Toughness 5 and 4 Wounds, these guys are as hard as many a big monster in 3rd Edition, all packed onto a 20mm base. The old metal sculpts are a too scrawny to represent this, therefore I have also painted up the HeroQuest mummy (on the left). I’d like to add another metal model to flank him, making a 240 points trio. Then I just need some counter spells for all those fireballs that will be heading their way.

Warhammer Undead Mummies for Oldhammer

Powerful incantations are animating their embalmed bodies

Painting couldn’t have been easier, just a case of two washes and drybrushing over a bone base colour. To add a bit of detail and because I felt guilty for having it so easy, I added some scribbles onto the HeroQuest mummy’ bandages around the chest, symbolising an enchantment used in the funeral rites many centuries ago.

16 thoughts on “Preserved Beyond Death

  1. The “scribbles” are a nice touch.

    When you say two washes over a bone colour, are they all over washes or selective?

    The finished look is very nice.

    • Thanks! I used Seraphim Sepia over Screaming Skull as an all over wash, slightly watered down. Then Agrax Earthshade with a fine brush just in the gaps. After that I drybrushed everything with Screaming Skull again, followed by a bit of white just around the most raised areas.

      The final result looks different on each sculpt, the sepia wash settled more evenly on the smoother, larger areas of the plastic model.

    • It certainly looks good from here, all the more so if it took you so little time that you felt guilty :D

      Thanks for the breakdown.

    • Cheers, it was a good little side project to work on. While I might not field these in an army anytime soon, they would be nice for some dungeon questing.

  2. Nice work. And some nice drybrushing, since it looks like you’ve edged those bandages! I just photographed my own ones of this figure last night. Serendipity!

    • Thanks, it was some light touch drybrushing for the HeroQuest mummy, since the edges of the bandages are quite flat. I only had to do a few minor fixes with wash afterwards. Seems like everyone’s busy embalming, I saw the Dragons of Lancasm ones the other day. Are you going to add yours tomorrow then?

    • Thank you! I’ve got a HeroQuest Zombie to paint once I get around to finishing that unit. It’s a great sculpt. The Skeletons with scythes are unfortunately too big to fit in with my army. Shame, because I really need some more Grim Reapers.

    • Thank you! They needed a different skin colour indeed, and it sets them apart from the skeletons. I’ve used green and blue-grey tones in the past. Since there is no other detail on the figures I went with the most contrasting colour.

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  4. Oh man Nice paint job! not to mention the excellent job of getting them off those annoying bases they are attached to.
    I remember doing a conversion with the HeroQuest mummy, Skeleton and zombie, and those little sucker were a B***H to get off there bases! The first one i did, I went at it side ways with a fine tooth hobby saw but it destroyed the toes of the zombie, second attempt at getting it of the base I changed tactics since the zombies toes were the hardest to preserve because there so shallow on the base I had to cut down into the base to protect the toes. then filed down the feet ti there were the right height. this was a nightmare and wasted hours doing it. :(
    Out of curiosity how did you get your guys off there bases ?

    • Thanks! I came very close to slicing off the toes as well, I just took a craft knife to it – danger is my middle name. I wouldn’t want to do it for a larger number of figures, so far I have only used this mummy and a zombie from the HeroQuest set. Since the feet ended up very flat I glued bits of plastic sprue underneath before basing them, so they wouldn’t sink into the sand and grass.

    • Plastic Sprue or card under the feet why didn’t I think of that ? It’s so simple it’s brilliant and you can cut it to a ruff shape of the foot , glue it in place then you use hobby files to shape it and clean it up so it blends better! Haha I tend to over think problems and make it harder for my self :) when there is usually easier solution! :D

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