Unexpected Visitations

I wanted a break from painting rank and file troopers and exercise some different styles and techniques for a change, so I brought two more unusual models from my Oldhammer collection to the painting desk.

Since Nihilakh Oxide was released, it has become the choice for all things ghostly, so I decided to try it on a Spectre. It turned out as simple as expected, just applied a layer over a white base and then drybrushed again with white, helped by the texture of this particular model. For additional focus on the face I painted in empty, bleeding eye sockets.

Warhammer Necromancer and Spectre for Oldhammer - front

A haunted soul answers the call from the shaman of bones

The Necromancer is a figure from Ugezod’s Death Commandos, but I’ve always used him as a conjurer of the Undead in my Warhammer armies over the years. Now it was time though to give him a new coat of paint, since the original enamels just weren’t up to standard anymore. I’m very satisfied with his ragged “Gandalf having fallen on hard times” look.

Warhammer Necromancer and Spectre for Oldhammer - back

Forbidden lore written on human hide and an engraved bone staff are tools of the necromantic arts

Since I painted straight over the heavily varnished surface, all contours and edges of the figure were very smooth. Not an option for drybrushing, so I applied all highlights individually over a black base coat.

6 thoughts on “Unexpected Visitations

    • Thank you! He’s just the right fit for my small Undead horde for Warhammer 3rd Edition, which is a rather forlorn bunch of rickety bones, rotting cadavers and (soon) creaking carts, led by a Vampire that is more beast than dark majesty.

  1. Great work, despite being released nearly 30yrs ago it’s not until now having seen your paint job that I’ve noticed just how Mormo Jabberbinder could easily pass as a Heinrich Kemler (aka The Lichemaster) model substitute for the early ‘Terror/Vengeance of the Lichemaster’ scenarios.

    • True, he looks like an even more dishevelled version. Never had the original Kemmler but the second generation sculpt, which I always loved. I need to paint him sometime, but it won’t be a quick job.

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