Dark Allies

Not much painting progress has been made lately, but at least my efforts stayed focussed on my Dark Elves for Warhammer 3rd Edition. Since the start of the year I’ve added a couple of warriors from Mengil Manhide’s company to my growing regiment.

Warhammer Mengil Manhide's Dark Elf Warriors for Oldhammer - front

The merciless soldiers of Naggaroth advance

The shield designs add some variety to the repetitive cast, and at some point I might replace a few of these guys with alternative models as I pick them up. The casts are not good quality and still have misaligned parts despite some filing and cutting, the original mould for these models was clearly run to the bitter end.

I’ve also added some additional highlighting to the skin cloaks this time and am going back over the previously finished miniatures.

Warhammer Mengil Manhide's Dark Elf Warriors for Oldhammer - back

Dark Elf warriors garbed in skins of their slain enemies

As a distraction from the Dark Elves I did allow myself to revive the Undead for Oldhammer as well. One regiment of unarmored Skeletons is finally finished, with the addition of these newly raised warriors of bone. The two forces can well fight skirmishes against each other now or strike an uneasy alliance against a mightier foe.

Warhammer Undead Skeletons with Standard Bearer for Oldhammer

Skeletons rising under the black banner of death

5 thoughts on “Dark Allies

  1. Nice work. While I also tend to prefer non-clone armies, these guys still manage to look great. I think simply breaking them up by mixing in other figures will achieve your goal without needing to replace/retire any of them – which would be a real shame.

  2. Thanks mate! I have a couple of different sculpts to paint for this unit now, so I’ll have to wait and see how/if they all come together. Overall the army style is very regimented, and it might be that the figures in a different type of armour and different poses are actually disturbing the overall effect of the unit rather than diversifying it. Unfortunately there aren’t many figures in the range that share the same equipment and style as the two Mengil troopers.

    • Thank you very much! I’m keeping it quite clean with a small set of colours usually. I’ve been doing too much black though lately, I need to pick something brighter next. I’m thinking, back to the Marauder Orcs.

      Also, congratulations on the engagement!

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