Dark Elves Rank and File

One of the rules I associate with Warhammer 3rd Edition is the rank bonus for units four models wide, hence that is how I am planning on structuring my armies. It also helps to keep units smaller, saving me both time and money collecting!

As my latest incremental target I finished the second rank of warriors. One more and they will start to look like a proper regiment.

A warband of Citadel Dark Elves for Warhammer 3rd Edition

A raiding party of Dark Elves

The crossbowmen might have to wait a bit longer for further reinforcements – either until I have a block of 4×4 warriors or when I run out of ideas for shield emblems, whichever comes first.

Two Citadel Dark Elf warriors with shields for Warhammer 3rd Edition

Dark Elf warriors fighting with sword and shield

4 thoughts on “Dark Elves Rank and File

    • Thanks! I hope we’ll see the day. It’s going to be a small force, two or three infantry units, one unit of cavalry, a bolt thrower and a few characters.

    • Thank you kindly! I am creating the illusion that the paint jobs are more sophisticated by having a slow rate of output, but in fact I am just using two shades of every colour. I am striving for neatness though with these guys.

      For the back ranks of the warriors, I decided to switch to a different approach now and get the flesh and metal down first for all of them. Then I can pick them up for detailing at a later stage. It is an approach that served me well with my Night Goblins.

      Yes, I have a strong tendency for armies in black.

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