Getting Cross

I’ve switched over to painting some of the Dark Elves’ signature troops – crossbowmen. The only Dark Elves I used to own in the days of Warhammer 3rd were ten of the plastic crossbowmen, so I don’t want to build my “new” Oldhammer Dark Elf army without them.

I don’t know yet what ratio of plastic vs metal I am going to use. Since the plastics are a bit chunky compared to the metal Dark Elves, I probably don’t want more than a third of them in each unit of crossbowmen. On the other hand, I’ve got plenty. Maybe I’ll try converting some to spearmen.

Oldhammer Dark Elf crossbowmen

Crossbow armed Dark Elves

2 thoughts on “Getting Cross

  1. Looking good – you could also make the plastics into their own separate units – perhaps with metal command? A shame I no longer have any of those figures myself…

    • Thanks! The mono pose look would be nostalgic, but it’s not one I ever aspired to, so I prefer to use as many different models as I can get. I’m putting a leader with each crossbow unit, not sure yet about standard and musician, depends on how many I can find.

      The plastics are around quite cheaply, I found the highest prices for Dark Elves tend to be the Marauder range.

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