The Vanguard of Naggarond

After having completed two Oldhammer Dark Elf test models nearly a year ago, I’ve started a more concerted effort to raise the allied contingent for Warhammer 3rd Edition which I had set as a target. I have lined up a 20-strong regiment of warriors and 10 crossbowmen plus a general and sorcerer. I’ll be very impressed with myself if I can get these done without any distractions.

Oldhammer Dark Elf Warriors

The front rank advances

A leader, standard bearer and musician complete the front rank. The leader is just a regular trooper in the old catalogues, but I think his pose and more ornate armour mark him out as a leader, if not a hero.

Oldhammer Dark Elf standard bearer

The flayed skin banner is still screaming in silent agony

The standard bearer is from Mengil Manhide’s Company, but the original banner top has been lost in action over the decades. I’ll probably add something spiky eventually to replace it, but for now I feel the banner works as is.

Oldhammer Dark Elf musician

The musician’s horn symbolises the Dark Elves’ mastership of black dragons

The musician is one of the standard command figures from the old range. I resisted the urge to veer away from my minimalist colour scheme for the ornate horn with a dragon’s head. I think I’ll need to add a black dragon to the army to establish a context for this model.

6 thoughts on “The Vanguard of Naggarond

    • I’m sure the Dark Elves have a strong artistic streak like all of their kind, only very twisted. I can see them going to great pains (their victims’ of course) in order to get the right facial expression before the flaying. The skins always reminded me of The Scream, only that the skin colour is now more that of the Dark Elves themselves rather than the hides they are wearing.

  1. Great work. Always a pleasure to see the old figures given new lease of life, and for whatever reason, the old DE seem to be less popular than a lot of the other races. I look forward to seeing the rest of the regiment – and then the contingent – take shape!

    • Thank you! I’ve always liked the Dark Elves and painted a couple many years ago which belonged to a friend’s army. I wish I had bought it off him before leaving my home town, I am sure it is just gathering dust somewhere. There are two distinct ranges really, I found that the Marauder and Citadel ones don’t go together very well in terms of style and also size. For the moment I am using mainly Citadel, the Marauder ones I’ll probably turn into a distinctly separate entity within the army (so I can also play out the occasional civil strife).

  2. Beautiful paint job! I love the green and purple scene. The freehand shields are my favorite bits, but that standard is so cool. Good luck on the rest, I can’t wait to see them.

    • Thanks, glad you like it. I think the colour scheme captures the essence of Dark Elves quite well, and now that I have a rank lined up, I am satisfied with the overall look I am getting. Stay tuned, I’m hoping to get a few more done each week.

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