Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard Beastmen - front view

Beastmen of the Astra Militarum

Since I am operating as a Rogue Trader in the furthest reaches beyond the Nephilim Sector at the moment, my hobby activities are severely restricted.

Rather than painting with a limited travel palette, I decided this weekend to embark on a small conversion project that I have been meaning to realise for a while (i.e. ever since I started playing Warhammer 40k back in the Rogue Trader days) – Imperial Beastmen.

Beastmen have it tough in today’s Imperial Army/Guard/Astra Militarum, with barely a mention of abhuman citizens, never mind soldiery, other than Ogryns and Ratlings. That leaves lots of space though for improvisation, and  I have a couple of ideas for a back story to a platoon or two that I am planning on inducting into my forces.

I started off with an Ungor Herd for Warhammer Fantasy and a squad of Cadian Shock Troops, which fit together just as well as I’d hoped.

Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard Beastmen - front view
Imperial Beastmen with Sergeant

I left the majority of trinkets like bones, skulls and pouches dangling from the uniform belts for a slightly feral look. The loin clothes were a bit too shaggy though for any quartermaster to approve of, so I filed them down to an even hemline.

Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard Beastmen - back view
Imperial Beastmen with standard issue gear sans pants

There’s very little green stuff needed to fill in gaps between upper and lower bodies, and the additional of ammo, bayonets and canteens quickly hide any irregularities.

18 thoughts on “Beastmen of the Astra Militarum”

  1. Looking good, I like the way you’ve combined the legs and the torsos since it works really well :) I miss the old days of Beastmen being a legit part of 40K!


    1. Those two sets go together really well. Once I have a squad or two I intend to try and build some carapace armoured veterans, using Gors or Bestigors and the new Stormtroopers aka Militarum Tempestus Scions. The Warhammer universe is built of layer upon layer of history, and in many respects it is easier nowadays to put some of the more obscure armies together than it ever was.

      I don’t think GW would be averse to endorsing any troop type that requires the purchase of two boxes to make one unit either!


    1. First I have to build another seven. By the time that is done I should be within reach of my paint supply for a short period of time. Enough for a test model at least I hope. Planning to stick with my usual Beastmen and Imperial Guard colour schemes respectively.


    1. Thanks, they are a natural fit. Now for the difficult decision – grenade launcher or heavy flamer? I think I’ll go for grenade launcher, fur and fire don’t mix so well.


    1. Hmm, with the new plastic Ogryns anything is possible I guess… Realistically, that would be quite far off as a project for me, first of all I need to add some Minotaurs to my Beastmen horde for Fantasy Battle!


    1. Hadn’t been to the forum in a while, so I didn’t realise the sculpts were off to the caster now. I shall have one of each I think.


  2. I’ve always really liked the beastmen being part of the background of 40k, they really help to emphasis the massive complexity of the Imperium and all the wildly divergent elements that make it up. I really like what you’ve done in making these beastmen and its particularly inspiring to me at the moment as I’m currently working on building a few 40k beastmen of my own (although these will be savage chaos-worshipping traitors I’m afraid). Nice work!


    1. Great, looking forward to seeing your traitors! For now this project is on hold for me, I did get as far as putting on the base colours. Usually with my Imperial Guard I try to build up at least a platoon of each regiment, so I might experiment with a Gor based command group next, in a couple of months. Some chaotic beastmen are tempting too though, to mix in with the cultists from Dark Vengeance.


    1. Thanks! I was wondering the same and will eventually try it – with Gors as Command Squad. No idea when I’ll finally be able to get around to it though.


    2. I order some the other day to combine with shock troops. I will keep posted about my results:)


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