Salute 2014 – Zombies, Steampunk & Other Curiosities

Apart from the classic genres there were also some weird and wonderful participation games at Salute 2014 that defied easy categorisation.

7ombieTV by Crooked Dice was played on a small but characterful board depicting the streets of London. Would the girls of St Searle’s reach the safety of Crooked Towers before the undead horde descended?

Salute 2014 - ZombieTV by Crooked Dice Game Design Studio

Hasslefree Miniatures created a tribute to Battlefield Bad Company 2 with Zombies roaming the streets of a bombed out desert town.

Salute 2014 - Bad Ar:se by Hasslefree Miniatures

In Her Majesty’s Name was the ruleset used for Dirty Ole Town by Just About Games. I bought the rulebook published by Osprey a few months ago, just missing such nice terrain to fight over now.

Salute 2014 - Dirty Ole Town by Just About Games

Salute 2014 - Dirty Ole Town by Just About Games

Victorian sci-fi on a grand scale was presented by Red Planet Miniatures in Flight to New Victoria. Will the Martian Prince’s convoy reach safety?

Salute 2014 - Flight to New Victoria by Red Planet Miniatures

Salute 2014 - Flight to New Victoria by Red Planet Miniatures

Salute 2014 - Flight to New Victoria by Red Planet Miniatures

Salute 2014 - Flight to New Victoria by Red Planet Miniatures

The Essex Warriors played Gear Krieg. Another one of those rulesets I bought a long time ago but never got around to playing. WW2 tanks meeting flying saucers and battle mechs does have its appeal.

Salute 2014 - Gear Krieg by Essex Warriors

Grublin Games brought a prototype of Waggle Dance, a strategy game of bee-wrangling and honey-making, which will soon launch its funding run on Kickstarter.

Salute 2014 - Waggle Dance by Grublin Games

3 thoughts on “Salute 2014 – Zombies, Steampunk & Other Curiosities

  1. Lots of very appealing stuff there (and I do enjoy a bit of zombie gaming). If I collected historical WWII or Victorian era miniatures and terrain then I would definitely have invested in Gear Krieg and tried to get my own War of the Worlds style games off the ground I think.

    I find that having access to the appropriate type of terrain is the defining factor as it is really the hardest part of the hobby to get right. If I played regularly with a club or others with different terrain sets then I might be more inclined to be adventurous with my gaming genres and sub-genres I think. As I pretty much inevitably game on my sci-fi terrain and I dont have storage space for very many different sets its ended up being sci-fi all the way for me.

    The things to see at Salute always tempt me though. Thanks for sharing the photos :)

    • Agreed, terrain is an important factor in deciding on a new genre, or indeed scale. The recent surge of laser cut building sets could make it a lot easier though, and reasonably affordable for skirmish level tables at least. I got started buying, if not painting, Judge Dredd miniatures and need to have a think now what to do about terrain. Hedges and rocky outcrops aren’t going to cut it. I need some non-gothic sci-fi buildings that I could also use for Star Wars and any other futuristic games I might want to dabble in.

      Salute is a great place to inspire daydreaming, hope my photos set some wheels in motion as I am always inspired by your miniatures and terrain projects!

    • Thanks very much :)

      The Mantic “Battlezones” will be making up a sizable chunk of my own corner of Mega City one. they are definitely worth a look. I have a number of laser cut HDF bits around too and you are right: they do make sci-fi urban terrain a lot more achievable a project than it was “back in our day” ;)

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