Set in Stone

I bought a set of Dwarf stone sculptures from Scibor Miniatures recently as I intend to build up a small collection of themed terrain to go with each of my armies.

The statues, or rather what is left of them, match the classic Warhammer style of Dwarfs very well.

Scibor statues for Warhammer Dwarfs

Ironbreakers advancing through the ruins of their empire

I took a simple approach to painting. Undercoated black, I drybrushed three layers of grey on with a final highlight of pure white, matching the pre-painted rock formations by Gale Force 9 in my collection. To finish the weathered stone effect I dabbed some dark green ink into some of the recesses.

Scibor statues for Warhammer Dwarfs

Seeing the statue of his ancestor toppled sends this Slayer into a rage

There is a liberal smattering of skulls and some vegetation on the bases of the fallen statues, which provide a nice counter point to the dark stone.

Scibor statues for Warhammer Dwarfs

A Dwarf Slayer is stalking the ruins

Some static grass and the usual brown finish I use on my miniatures’ bases tie the scenery in with the battlefield and armies fighting over it.

Scibor statues for Warhammer Dwarfs

A Dwarf king of old, battered but never broken

12 thoughts on “Set in Stone

  1. Excellent scenery! The rock looks very realistic. I also like your dwarven unit. The shields stand out especially. Are the ferns sculpted onto the pieces or did you add them later on?

    • Thank you! The ferns are sculpted on already, hence I didn’t add any flock or other green, they would have looked too overgrown.

      The regiment of Ironbreakers isn’t finished yet apart from the front rank, that’s why they are staying in the background for now. When they are completed I’ll bring them to the front line.

    • A bland or mismatched battlefield ruins the appeal of the best painted army fighting over it in my opinion. I’ve still got plenty of deficits in my terrain collection but with a mix of scratch-building and buying off the shelf I’ve made progress over the last year.

  2. Those are very nice pieces and you integrated them perfectly. A handful of evocative pieces in amongst some decent generic terrain really adds atmosphere. And if you arent after atmosphere then whats the point?

    What other armies are getting the themed terrain treatment?

    • I’ve mostly done items for my Undead so far, a couple of gravestone markers and these burial mounds:

      Still have to repaint the hardfoam graveyard piece I used as a photo backdrop to my Skeletons, and I also have the Citadel graveyard and Deathknell Watch to assemble and paint. No shortage there then.

      For my Night Goblins I have a bunch of mushroom markers built out of old Xmas decorations. Nothing spectacular but enough to give the battlefield a gobbo vibe.

      Other than that, a few things here and there, it’s often the additional bits that come in plastic regiments and larger terrain pieces that can be used as small themed terrain or as inspiration to build something from scratch. For example, I used the stone slab from the Citadel Giant as a herdstone for my Beastmen.

  3. Do you have any photos of your Xmas decoration fungus? Im in a miniature flora/fungi mood at the moment :)

    I painted a pair of the Gardens of Morr graveyards – thats 718 skulls trivia fans – a couple of years ago.

    I was really impressed with how quickly and accurately the kits went together (I was expecting warpage like on some of the vehicle kits) and they were quick and satisfying to paint. I dont doubt that you will do a lovely job on them.

    Do you have any Renedra Gravestones? They are a simple and authentic looking way to bulk out graveyard terrain.

    • You can see the mushrooms my Night Goblin posts, they are repainted but I kept their original colour scheme:

      Your cemetery looks great, something to aspire to! It’ll be a while until I get around to working on mine, I might pick an element here or there as the mood strikes me.

      So far I have only used a few gravestones that came in sprues with plastic skeletons and zombies. I’ve seen the Renedra set at Orc’s Nest but I felt there are too many with the cross iconography to be usable for a fantasy setting.

  4. I just checked out the Scibor dwarven terrain via your link, and I have to say that you made yours look so much better than their display models. I’m also pleasantly surprised that you seem to get a fair bit for the cash, so I might end up getting a set myself.

    • Thanks, I found their paint scheme too light myself, lacking definition. Shame they don’t do more terrain though, it’s mostly display style bases, something I am generally not keen on.

    • Agreed. Every time I’m tempted by one of their figures, I realise I’d essentially be paying 5 pounds worth of the purchase price for an overblown base that I wouldn’t want to use with the figure, so I’ve just got a bunch of shoulder pads, shields and the like. Always amusing when hobbyists have *much* better pictures of companies’ products than *they* do, though.

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