Runes of the Ancestors

With the new Warhammer Armies Dwarfs having been released last weekend, I felt inspired to get painting on my warriors of the Karaz Ankor again.

First to taste the brush was the venerable Runesmith Durgni Silverbrow, to accompany his Lord Norvin Goldbeard into battle.

Warhammer Dwarf Runesmith and Lord

Dwarf Runesmith and Lord

The figure is the Rune Priest from the Anvil of Doom, sculpted by Michael Perry and released back in 1993. Truly an ancient member of the Clan of Morgrim!

I used the same colours on him as for the Lord to tie them together as leaders of my throng.

Warhammer Dwarf Runesmith

The bronze staff grounds enemies’ magical power

Durgni’s mighty hammer is polished to a high sheen and glows in an eerie blue light that starts crackling with energy when wielded in combat.

Warhammer Dwarf Runesmith

Durgni’s runic hammer can split stone and skull alike

Durgni will accompany my Ironbreakers into battle, where the Forgefire of his rage gives them the Armour Piercing special rule.

Warhammer Dwarf Runesmith

The Runesmith is wearing a thick bear pelt

8 thoughts on “Runes of the Ancestors

    • Thank you! The models have great character, didn’t take much to bring them to life. Looking forward to painting the Thane and Dragon Slayer.

  1. Lovely stuff, he is a pretty neat job! You have captured the character and details around the face very nicely, I can feel his grumpy rage from here as he gets ready to tenderise another black ork. Really like the effect on the hammer…might have to nick that approach in the future ;)

    When you get a chance could you show us some pics of that Dwarf Lord you were teasing us with.

  2. Very nice work on the Runesmith. The aged gold you’ve used on him works great – and and the Lord next to him also looks a treat.

    I’ve been wanting to start a dwarf force myself (for KoW) recently after seeing the new GW releases, but seeing the price on the new models for only 10 per box… Well, I might just paint what I’ve got and use them as allies for someone else…

    • I’m in two minds about the new plastic regiments. While technically well executed, they are lacking in charm for me, and are too overloaded with celtic decorations. Also, Hammerers, Ironbreakers and Longbeards look pretty much all the same. I’ve got a 2k army that’s anyway not nearly painted so I am in no hurry to add new troops. Smaller contingents and allies are the way to go!

    • Thank you! I’m finding your posts on Tumblr very inspirational myself and I have a new/old project in the pipeline I should be able to post about soon.

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