Orcs Just Want to Have Fun

The chances of getting an Orc Champion in Slaves to Darkness aren’t very high – roll 96-00 on a D100, followed by 69-80. However, when reading how Chico, that prophet of perversion, was raising a coven of Slaanesh worshipping Dark Elves, against all odds a seed of corruption was planted in my mind. Those are the dangers of following Oldhammer on a Budget.

Orc Champion of Slaanesh with Snotlings

Orc Champion of Slaanesh with Snotling followers

Several models from my unpainted greenskin collection immediately sprang to mind as suitable followers for the Prince of Pleasure. First off, some impressionable and simple minded, yet easily excitable Snotlings. Always prone to playing cruel games and pranks, they should serve to give Slaanesh a giggle or two in their desire to please him.

Snotlings of Slaanesh

Snotlings of Slaanesh, commonly known as Porklings

For the Champion itself, my eye fell on the model for Hardnose Mard the Truly Unpleasant. This character was featured in the Ravening Hordes flyer from the Warhammer 2nd Edition box set. I’ve been looking for a suitable role for the figure since it’s a great sculpt with lots of character and extravagant detail, but doesn’t quite fit with the rest of my Orcs & Goblins for Warhammer 3rd Edition.

I painted the newly coined Champion of Chaos in polished bronze, lush pink and blue and shiny silver, to please his patron. The flayed Snotling hide was painted in old Gretchin Green.

Orc Champion of Slaanesh

Skinning things with his big knife has become an obsession

I have yet to discover the backstory of how this Orc came into the service of the Lord of Decadence. I think it has something to do with prolonged exposure to Dark Elves and a demonic bracelet. As for future followers of this Champion – not many self-respecting Orcs or even Goblins are going to follow his path so he will most likely ally himself with foul Beastmen and the human slaves to darkness.

Orc Champion of Slaanesh

The elaborate armour is a trophy taken from a defeated Champion

12 thoughts on “Orcs Just Want to Have Fun

    • Thank you! Still have to sort out the glare situation in my photos. I tend to varnish enthusiastically. Painting the Porklings was quick and fun. Think I will rummage around and pick three more. I fancy doing a conversion with a crab claw.

  1. Lovely painting.

    That model shoving his face out of a snotling hides mouth is rather disturbing. Definitely memorable enough to fill a Chaos Champ role.

    • Cheers! I’m glad that figure has taken its place in my collection now, I was disappointed when I didn’t quite find the right place for it amongst my more traditionally minded greenskins.

  2. I’ve got that guy in my Orcs box. Never did get around to painting him up, though your use of him as a Slaanesh champion works well. I’ve been tossing up the idea of starting a small Chaos Warband campaign here with my wife and a couple of friends.

    …and in writing this it’s just occurred to be how easy it would be to run either Fantasy or especially 40k using the multipart plastics that we have today. Easy mutations on tap, though it would kinda suffer from not using the classic models for it.

    • I have a bunch of old Champions, Chaos Warriors, Marauders and Thugs that I want to build up into small warbands of the four ruinous powers.

      In terms of actually collecting and converting according to the results of those fantastic but totally insane tables in Realm of Chaos, the new modular plastics are much better suited (and cheaper than today’s collectors models). I hope your campaign kicks off, I’d love to see what you and your fellow slaves to darkness come up with.

    • Cheers! It was a fun little project I’ll be returning to at some point. I’m thinking about expanding this crew with some Minotaurs next.

    • Thank you. I didn’t have much Chaos back in the day, and still don’t really. Slaanesh is an unusual colour palette for me, so still learning and at times struggling with it. I do enjoy it though, and when the inspiration for this little group struck, it was a fun side project.

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