Leading From the Front

My Praetorian Imperial Guard forces for Warhammer 40k received a boost recently when I received two new squads with command and heavy weapons from an old friend.

That means I can now field an under-strength Company of six infantry squads, organised into two platoons, several heavy weapon squads, and a Command HQ.

Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard Praetorian Command HQ

The banner of Praetoria is carried into battle

With the increase in troop strength came the necessity for improved mobility and communications capability for the Captain and his staff.

So the Techpriests got to work and dusted off the squad’s somewhat neglected Chimera. Several days of drilling, welding and much liturgical chanting later, a state-of-the-art suborbital transmitter array was fitted, which thanks to the Chimera’s STC compliant configuration slots neatly into one of the lasgun ports.

Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard Praetorian Command Chimera

Chimera Command tank with long-range antenna

In order to allow the relaying of orders outside the tank, a comms panel was fitted to either side of the hull.

Finally, as part of the reconsecration ceremony into the Emperor’s service, the proud Praetorian colours were painted onto the tank’s sides and new campaign markings added on the turret.

Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard Praetorian Command Chimera

The comms panel can be linked directly into the radio transmitter

14 thoughts on “Leading From the Front

  1. Very nice conversions to the Chimera, they are by far my favourite Imperial Guard tank, they cost little and pack a punch! Also I’ve always been fond of those old Praetorian Guard models. Well done!

    • Thanks! The Chimera is a real workhorse, and I had this one ever since I started with my Praetorians when they were originally released. It was time to spruce it up a bit so I had a dig around for pieces to add. These are taken from the Imperial Bastion kit, didn’t want anything too gothic or extravagant.

  2. That has to be one of the nicest applications of the old Praetorian transfers that i have seen. Being so old, my Praetorian transfers end up looking a a bit shabby. Beautiful Chimera and Command Squad.

    • Cheers, my transfers are luckily still in a pristine condition so I should have enough to decorate a few more vehicles.

      Excellent collection you have on your blog. The Praetorian cavalry are very well done, and the Prutenian winged lancer style looks great!

    • Cheers, not exactly an elegant upgrade but an easy win. With the antenna, storm bolter and comms panel the tank has just the right amount of extras to set it apart from a standard issue vehicle in my view.

    • Actually, the painting is anything but smooth, it’s a trick of the light. There are various layers and patches of different shades. Not intentional really, but not unwelcome either.

  3. The Praetorians look pretty awesome. Using the lasgun port for the comms antennae is genius! It makes me wonder what else can be mounted on those…

    Painting on the tank is great nice and weathered looking, a bit like an old museum piece.

    • The Hellhound did it first, using the gun ports to connect the fuel lines. There aren’t many other places where things can be added without interfering with the (theoretical) opening of hatches or the turret’s rotation.

      The paint job does remind me of those old tanks at the Imperial War Museum. Not a style suitable for Eldar, but just right for the Imperial Guard.

    • Thanks! Unfortunately I don’t know myself anymore, since the base paint job on this was done literally decades ago, and the paint in that shade no longer exists – it was from an older Citadel range. The closest I found in the current range was Tallarn Sand, but it needs to be mixed with a bone colour to lighten it.

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