Night of the Hunters

My Vampire Counts can call on packs of beasts to sally out ahead of their shambling main horde and hunt down the enemy’s light troops.

Dire Wolves of the Vampire Counts

Dire Wolves with Doom Wolf pack leader

First to answer the call is a pack of ten Dire Wolves. These are the early Citadel models, consisting of metal heads with the plastic wolf bodies. Two of them are just plain wolves altogether, and the Dire Wolf is the full metal version. They are all just drybrushed, since the idea was to get my undead army finished quickly. That was back in ’98.

Fell Bats of the Vampire Counts

Fell Bats swooping down on their victims

The Fell Bats I had for a long time but never fully painted. I finished them a few years ago after a rare Warhammer battle in which they kept tumbling from their flying stands. Now they have been fitted with pins and small blobs of blue tac to stay in the air.

Varghulf of the Vampire Counts

A monstrous Varghulf on the rampage

The Varghulf is one of the latest additions to my army and the only one in Finecast. It is painted using the same palette as the Fell Bats but with reddish wings to indicate its vampiric origins. It still looks a bit flat overall so I’ll do some more work on its paint job and base once the other tasks for the army are completed.

9 thoughts on “Night of the Hunters

  1. The Varghulf is particularly nice, I likecthe purplish wing membranes. Finecast gets a lot if stick -deserved in many cases – but it great material for a big, winged model like that.

    • Thanks! I’m happy with the colour scheme but I think I should increase the levels of contrast. I don’t work on large flat areas of skin a lot.

      I’m glad the model is Finecast, in white metal the paint would chip so easily, as it does on the Fell Bats. I was trying to bend the wings of the Fell Bats but they didn’t give at all, just started cracking. In Finecast it would have been a simple case of warming up and reshaping. However, I saw that the price for 3 Fell Bats in Finecast is now £30, which is totally over the top for these models.

    • Agreed on all counts. When the occasional “vintage” metal Citadel miniature that I pick up on Ebay is often cheaper than the modern Finecast equivalent, something doesnt quite add up.

      The contrast looks good in the photos. Dark armies can sometimes photograph well, but become amorphous dark shapes on the tabletop though, so you may well be right, I cant say from here :) Still, they look exactly how I think the creepy creatures that hang out with undead should appear.

    • I guess we are all agreed then – the Varghulf will get the character model treatment, just as soon as all the character models are finished!

  2. I missed this update! I agree on giving the Varghulf a bit more love. I also want to say that I prefer the metal-headed plastic wolves for Dire wolves over the awful new plastics – and it’s got nothing to do with “oldhammer” – just nice models vs awful ones. The newish Space Wolves wolf pack model actually look pretty good though – the ones I picked up off eBay will be doing triple duty in LotR and Fantasy as well..

    • Yeah, the plastic Dire Wolves do look dire. Not sure how much of it is the ‘Eavy Metal paint job and whether it would be possible to make them work, but for my army I prefer the classic black wolves look anyway. The Space Wolves pack is indeed very nice, I have seen them put to many a good use on various blogs already.

    • I think it’s the models. I’ve seen them in person before my local GW closed and reopened further away. The saying about sow’s ears describes them well. Your older models would still look better than the new ones even if you’d left them unprimed grey and silver, and broken all of their tails off. ;)

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