No Rest For the Wicked

Centuries ago the Iron Baroness ruled her fiefdom with an icy grip, squeezing every last coin from her subjects in taxes. When rumours about witchcraft and foul rituals at her manor began to spread, the serfs finally rose up against her rule and burned down her estate. Trapped inside the dungeons underneath, the Baroness and her two most loyal retainers perished.

That is, until dark magics began to saturate the land and her lingering spirit was unshackled from its tomb, to once again terrorise her former realm. This time, her traitorous subjects would have to pay their duty in blood.

Banshee and Cairn Wraiths

The call of the Banshee spells doom for the living

This Banshee and two Cairn Wraiths by Citadel have been haunting my Warhammer armies of the dead since the late nineties, varyingly as character models or unit of three.

7 thoughts on “No Rest For the Wicked

    • I’m quite fond of that trio, they’ve been around since the first incarnation of my undead army. The skeletal look fits my increasingly skeleton heavy horde.

  1. Like many of the 90’s undead the models look good without the red era paint jobs featured in the publications.

    I always found the banshee’s bust line amusing. Perhaps she had magic implants when she was alive. ;)

  2. Hi, came across your blog recently and I have to say you have a beautiful undead army. The trio of the damned stood out particularly. I think they really pop and have good contrast/ choice of colors. The photo arrangement is also very cool. The detail of the hand coming out of the ground in the foreground and the swarm of bats in the back really give you the feeling: Its on, fear for your soul! Did you consider using a photo background like a moonlit night sky or something of the likes? I could see that being a good match.

    However, looking forward for more of your creations and inspirations for my own undead models.

    • Thanks! I’m just starting to get into arranging photos and setting up backdrops and scenery to capture the atmosphere. That means I need to concentrate more on getting terrain painted next! Definitely want to get some backgrounds.

      Your own painting and photography is great, I’ll be picking up a lot of ideas from your blog :)

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