The Making of Jaws

The second scratch-built Ironshark has left the dry docks and this time around I took some work in progress shots along the way.

Modelling tools

Tools of the trade

It was a much quicker and cleaner process second time around, now that I had a template to work from and figured out the best order of construction steps.

WIP Ironshark of Khorne for Man O'War

Bottom and deck assembly

WIP Ironshark of Khorne for Man O'War

Body of the ship and Fimo jaw with markings for carving

Comparing with the Citadel catalogue page, there is obviously less detail on my reconstruction, but it has enough for my purposes. I see Man O’War ships somewhere between miniatures and playing pieces.

WIP Ironshark of Khorne for Man O'War

Ready for painting

The third Ironshark is at the second stage above, so I am hopeful of being able to finish it over the weekend. Next project – the dreaded Bloodship.

Ironsharks of Khorne for Man O'War

Ironsharks under sail in the Sea of Chaos

4 thoughts on “The Making of Jaws

  1. Sub’, I realise your attention to details is what makes good skills become brilliant models :
    1) the skull on your pencil, perfect to stay in tune with Khorne himself
    2) using the shield boss from the skeleton sprue (also full of skulls)

    very well done !

    Looking forward to the rest.


    • Cheers mate! All those skulls were a coincidence, honest. Or maybe Khorne has suffused my subconscious and is guiding my hands against my will…

    • It is a fun project to work on, but it is not exactly the quickest way to get a Man O’War fleet. The third ship in the squadron is still unfinished…

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