Since digging up the Plagueship I have been meaning to scratch-build some more ships for Man O’War. I decided on a squadron of Ironsharks of Khorne to get me started and so far managed to build and paint a prototype over the weekend.

Man O'War Ironshark of Khorne

Scratch-built Ironshark of Khorne for Man O’War

The original models for Man O’War are quite stylised and abstract, not to mention rather over the top. That makes it quite easy to recreate them, although I am not attempting to achieve perfect replicas, but rather recreations using the materials and techniques at hand.

Man O'War Ironshark of Khorne

The winding mechanism for the jaw is kept below deck

The shark bow of the ship is formed in Fimo, with cut offs from plastic sprues for eyes, cardboard teeth and fin and shield bosses from Skeleton Warriors for hinges. The chains leading below deck are sections from Dark Eldar trophies.

Man O'War Ironshark of Khorne

Texture is mostly just painted onto the cardboard

The body of the ship is cut from thin cardboard, held together with superglue. Rather than sculpting the oars I decided to simply paint them on strips of cardboard, same as the planks and the window slits. The mast is a toothpick and the yard a thin strip of balsa wood.

Man O'War Ironshark of Khorne

Ironshark ready to snap

6 thoughts on “Jaws

  1. Wowohoho, man, you’re going to have problems with the internet awesomeness brigade. Ther’s far to much awesomenss depicted here. Making scratch ship this scale is not an easy feat but you did it like a boss. It really looks like a shark turned into a boat.

    • Cheers mate, glad it floats your boat! The Ironshark has always been one of my favourite models for Man O’War. I don’t think many of its designs would prove to be particularly seaworthy, but this one should definitely sink like a stone, surely only demonic bloodlust can keep it afloat!

    • Thanks, I am just in the process of building the next two before I forget how I did it – and before my wargamer’s mind wanders off in different directions again.

  2. Crazy ship skillz! That looks really good, just like the picture in the book – you get a Gold Star.

    In place of cardboard I found it better to use really micro thin wood sheets from the local model shop. It’s just as thin and much more sturdy. You can superglue it like mad. Having said that your cardboard model looks nothing like my cardboard models. I couldn’t figure out what the hull was made of till you said. The little detail of the chains really makes this model extra cool.

    • Thanks, I might give that a try, never worked with wood sheets before. Seems kind of fitting for boat building. The cardboard I am using is pretty thin but sturdy, laminated on both sides. It’s from some packaging so once it runs out I’ll have to find a new source.

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