Two Steps Forward…

I finished another rank of my Marauder Orc regiment which I’ll use as elite Big Uns in Warhammer 3rd.

Oldhammer Orcs with shields by Marauder Miniatures

Another rank of Big Uns takes the field

To add some variety to the shield emblems I’ve painted one of them with just the lower jaw and dripping blood. I quite like the design and it has also given me some ideas in terms of storyline for my horde.

Oldhammer Orc with shield by Marauder Miniatures

Gory shield emblem of the Greedy Maw tribe

To ensure I don’t make too much progress on my Oldhammer Orcs & Goblins project however, I just swapped the standard bearer and musician of my previously finished Arrer Boyz against new models. They have bows slung across their backs, so they are really more appropriate for the job. Only downside, they don’t have any paint on them yet, taking me back to a total count of zero for completed units.

6 thoughts on “Two Steps Forward…

    • Cheers, I think I’ve settled into the process now and the overall effect of the unit is what I hoped for, seeing them ranked up three deep. Two more to go and then the banner!

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