War Pigs

After being skewered and then trampled down by Chico’s Death Riders in last week’s battle, I decided that my Orcs need some cavalry of their own.

The Greedy Maw tribe is the ruling elite in my horde, and I’ll be working on a second mob of Orcs (from the Split Tongue) so I can promote the Greedy Maw infantry to Big Uns.

The cavalry mob will be Snortas, +1 shock elite cavalry, and therefore should also stem from the ruling tribe. There are one or two Orc Boar Riders with scale armour in the Marauder range, but I don’t have any of them anyway at the moment, so the majority of the unit will consist of converted MB2 models.

The first of these I finished painting today, and I am very happy with the result.

Oldhammer Orc Snorta conversion

Greedy Maw Orc Snorta cavalry on war boar

Oldhammer Orc Snorta conversion

Shield depicting Greedy Maw iconography

Working on the war boar from the old Citadel range was particularly fun, I just love their grumpy, mean spirited expressions.

Oldhammer Orc Snorta war boar

Grumpy war boar with war paint

10 thoughts on “War Pigs

    • I’m looking forward to its gore attack snapping undead bones like twigs. Hopefully that will cheer its little face up, it sure will mine!

    • Cheers! It’s going to be a while until I have a unit of 10 ready, in the meantime I’ll continue on all the existing mobs for the next engagement.

    • Thanks! With these kind of rank & file models I don’t have any qualms about converting them, it would be a different story with a Jes Goodwin Chaos Champion though.

  1. Brilliant paintjob ! I really love that facial expresion with the make-up and the shields work perfectly for me. Keep them coming.
    (oh and thanks, now I have some Black Sabbath playing in my head… for the rest of the day)

    • Cheers mate! It was fun working on these guys, I’m looking forward to getting some more of the models needed for conversion in the post soon.

  2. Excellent stuff. This conversion and paintjob really hits the sweet spot. I love the way you used purple and sunset orange/yellow on the boar, I would never think to do that! The shield is particularly nice in how you visually linked it with the boar.

    • Thank you! The boar needed a little something to make it stand out as a character in its own right. Looking forward to painting nine more of them with variations of war paint.

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