Another Brick in the Shieldwall

I’m busy working away on my Oldhammer Orcs & Goblins army but I’m still at the rather less glamorous stage of applying base colours across the board. This weekend I’ve taken some time off from the drudgery though in order to finish a few models and paint their shields as well.

The classic half moon is the emblem for my Goblins of the Leerin’ Moon tribe. I’ve added a Bob Olley sculpt to the regiment as Champion since he’s larger, more gnarly and has a three pronged spear. Three is better than one, so he must be the boss.

Oldhammer Goblins with spears and shields

Bob Olley Goblin lording it over his Marauder minion

The regiment of Marauder Orcs is from the tribe of the Greedy Maw, which is reflected by their shield emblems being all variations of this theme.

Oldhammer Orcs with shields by Marauder Miniatures

Marauder Orcs with shields carrying their tribe’s emblem

6 thoughts on “Another Brick in the Shieldwall

    • Thanks, glad you like them! I haven’t painted many freehand shield emblems before in my long wargaming life but I’m enjoying it. The challenge will be to come up with variations within the units.

    • Just a quick note to second the compliment – that’s some great freehand on those shields. Well done!

      I think I have a few (or a couple) of those Bob Olley gobboes. I doubt I’ll ever paint them though. I like his ogres but that’s about it of his stuff!

    • Cheers! Never had any Bob Olley models in my collection before I think. Back in the 3rd Edition days I basically bought whatever the local hobby store got and didn’t dwell much on the individual designers’ styles.

      I quite like his stuff now, but think the look suits fantasy better than sci-fi.

    • Thanks, it actually doesn’t take that long, which I am surprised by myself. I thought I’d finish the models and then the shields will stay unpainted for a while, but I’m getting into the habit of finishing each one as I go along now instead.

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