Orc Marauders On the Horizon

The next unit for my Oldhammer Orc & Goblin army I want to finish is the MB2 Orc Regiment by Marauder Miniatures that was released in 1991.

I bought the miniatures off a friend back in the day and they were a mix of his painting and some repaints by me since then – in other words, a mess.

I decided to stick with the colour scheme I chose originally and spruce it up with shades and highlights on the figures I had already repainted. The remaining models I’ll have to paint from scratch.

Oldhammer Orc by Marauder Miniatures

Oldhammer Orc by Marauder Miniatures

After the first test model I got stuck in with the front rank of the regiment. The banner itself will have to wait until the end while I figure out a suitable design.

Oldhammer Orc command group by Marauder Miniatures

Front rank with standard bearer, musician and champion

5 thoughts on “Orc Marauders On the Horizon

  1. Cool figures, I remember these fondly. I had bought the megablister regiment of them back in the day but they had been misplaced at a friends house years ago and as I lost touch with the guy never did get them back! I think I still have one at home. They are lovely sculpts and a joy to paint with the crisp detail. The Marauder Ork army was a very nice set of figures.

    I like the colour scheme you have chosen the red/orange colour suits them well. Watch out for the banner bearer, I remember that the cross section at the top of the pole tended to break all the time, so pinning and epoxy resin all the way.

    A tiny bit of highlight (the lightest edge brushing of higlight would do) on the wood parts and the metal bits would go a long way on these fellows as the way the figures are posed emphasizes the hands and what they are carrying quite a bit.

    Looking forward to seeing the unit with banner!

    • They are fun to paint with a limited palette. The Marauder regiment sets were always good value and made some nice looking units for large armies.

      I’ve already converted the banner top (out of view here), cutting one half of the crossbar and pointing the other backwards, Japanese standard style. The original was too large in my opinion and it stuck out too far in front of the model.

      I’ve got ca. 100 models left to paint for my core army, so I am purposefully leaving some painting steps out with the possibility of revisiting them later (yeah, right). In case of these guys, that is the wood and the weapon highlights. The wood grain of the hilts didn’t take well to a fast and simple dry brush (possibly because there are too many layers of old paint on them already…) and the blades look less dull in reality, where the actual light catches on the edges.

      I pretty much decided on a classic black & white checkered background for the banner already, and since I used the large oval Marauder Orc shield with the bared fangs for the regiment’s leader which I finished yesterday, the banner’s symbol will definitely feature lots of teef as well!

    • Japanese style banner is a great idea for these guys. Once you mentioned it I did then remember that it stuck out of the front of the regiment in an unrealistic manner. 100 models to go! I forgot how many figures one needs to paint up for WHFB. I am not at all surprised that you are taking the “I’ll finish him off later” approach, I had used it myself on many of my “finished” armies that I used in tournaments – most of which I plan to finish later. ;)

      I am sure you will come up with a sweet retro-themed banner to go with these vintage marauders.

  2. Interesting thoughts on the banner. The darn thing is very big and obscures the miniature if used as intended. I just can’t bring myself to not use as intended.

    • I can understand your scruples. I am still kicking myself for some of the hack jobs I did on miniatures back in the day. This one however I don’t think I’ll regret, it is a ‘conversion’ to emphasise the style of the miniatures.

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