Orc Raiders Let Loose

Hide your livestock and bolt shut your doors, the tribe of the Split Tongue is on the prowl.

Nearly a generation has passed since these merciless hunters were last seen in these parts, but all hope was in vain as they have returned from lands uncharted to pillage and burn once more.

Oldhammer Orc Arrer Boyz

Orcs of the Split Tongue tribe on the hunt

The tribe’s motif displayed on their standard is based on a drawing from Warhammer Armies, a rich source of inspiration for Oldhammer shields and banners.

Oldhammer Orc Arrer Boyz Standard

Standard bearer flying the tribe’s infamous banner

With shields shouldered, the boyz are ‘taking aim’ for another volley.

Oldhammer Orc Arrer Boyz

The boyz are unleashing a hail of arrows

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