Goblins Under New Ownership

I acquired a bunch of Goblins by Marauder Miniatures from ebay the other day. There are enough to make two units of 20 for my Oldhammer Orc & Goblin army, with spears or hand weapons plus shields respectively.

The figures came without bases or shields but were rather more nicely painted (I really like the war paint) and less damaged  than I would have anticipated. This will make finishing them a whole lot easier as I can use my tried and tested method of adding washes and highlights over the existing base colours.

Below two of the same model, with my finishing touches and as purchased.

Oldhammer Marauder Goblin Spearmen

Goblin Spearmen by Marauder Miniatures

I gave the bronze armour a new shine and applied black wash to the iron parts. All the newly added shields I’ll keep in black until I decide on the decorations. I used a drop of red glaze on the eyes and some Seraphim Sepia to stain those needle sharp teeth.

Oldhammer Marauder Goblin Spearman

Goblin with spear and shield

The main task as with the Orcs is the skin. I used the same method of highlighting with thinned down Rotting Flesh. In order to give them a smoother skinned, less gnarly look than the Orcs, I finished this off by then applying a yellow glaze over the top. This will distinguish the Goblins in my army from their larger and tougher cousins, and I feel it gives them a malicious glow.

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