The Thick Grey Line

I’ve finished theming the Aegis Defence Lines for my Mordian Iron Guard (part 1 here if you’ve missed it).

Below, a set of binoculars to scan the horizon for hostile activity. It’s taken from the Rogue Trader era plastic Space Orks who were clearly more sophisticated in those days.

Aegis Defence Line

Mordian observation post

The stacked ammo pouches suggest a sniper position. Are those kill markings or is someone just counting off the days?

Aegis Defence Line

Mordian sniper position

A game of noughts & crosses to pass the time between attack waves.

Aegis Defence Line

Aegis Defence Line section

The centrefold of last month’s Heroines of the Imperium, sure to make any Guardsman rise to the occasion in battle.

Aegis Defence Line

Sisters of Battle poster

A standard issue field blanket. According to the soldiers, it is so coarse that you “wouldn’t wrap a corpse in it”.

Aegis Defence Line

Storm Trooper Sergeant

Looks like even the stalwart Aegis Defence Line couldn’t provide protection for an unfortunate Guardsmen here. Only his bloody handprint remains.

Aegis Defence Line

Mordian Iron Guard officer

4 thoughts on “The Thick Grey Line

    • Since I have no hope of painting something like this, I simply printed it out in 1×1.5cm, folded it and curved the edges to make it look like a locker room poster.
      There are plenty of Sisters of Battle pin-ups on deviantART as well, but I decided to go with the original, most iconic image of them all.

    • Thanks! It felt a bit sterile after I finished painting it. Adding skulls isn’t always the answer so I thought I’d have some fun with it.

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