Stick An’ Move… At ‘Em!

Moving on to the Kev Adams half of my Arrer Boyz mob with these three fine specimen.

Oldhammer Orc Arrer Boyz

Orc Arrer Boyz designed by Kev Adams

In gaming terms, giving an Orc a bow is about as effective as giving a monkey a typewriter, but there are still plenty of models in the range I like the look of, so I’ll be adding to the mob when the opportunity arises.

In battle, I just need to remember to “stop messin’ about wiv da shooty stickz an’ get stuck in wiv da cleavaz kwik”!

2 thoughts on “Stick An’ Move… At ‘Em!

  1. Always a fan of the old Kev Adams classics. I’ll have to get a few more of my Old Greenskins updated!

    • These guys were some of my earliest miniatures. It’s fun giving them a face lift all these years later and bringing out more of their character.

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