Beastmen Roaming the Fields

Since I am in the mood for Warhammer scenery at the moment, I decided to make two staples of wargaming terrain – the wheat and the ploughed field. I had various versions of them in my collection over the years but these ones are meant to last.

The ploughed field looks neglected, and we can see the reason why – marauding bands of Beastmen have been terrorising the local populace and driven them off their land.

Beastmen roaming the fields

Two scratch-built types of fields

The wheat field was as simple to create as finding the right type of door mat in my local DIY store, cutting off a slice, painting the edges brown, and sticking the rest outside my door. Two purposes fulfilled for a fiver, not bad.

Beastmen roaming the fields

Wheat field made from a door mat

I glued the corrugated cardboard onto a sheet of sturdier cardboard to prevent it from warping, make it less prone to move around during games and to make sure it will survive many a battle.

Beastmen roaming the fields

Ploughed field made from corrugated cardboard

A tip for removing the upper layer of the corrugated cardboard: wet it lightly with a moist sponge and pull the layer off when the water has just soaked through it without having reached the middle section.

Beastmen roaming the fields

Cheap and quick scratch-built fields to wargame over

6 thoughts on “Beastmen Roaming the Fields

  1. Very nice, and simple to make by the looks of things. We have a similar wheat field (which I guess is a cut up piece of door mat?) but it has the problem of non-immersion; i.e. your dudes just float above it carrying the rocks and whatever else comes on their bases.

    Of course, I am always happy to see lovely old-school Beastmen marauding.

    • Thanks! I’m happy with the results, and they were quick, which is the only way I get terrain done. Some hedges around the ploughed field would be nice, I’ll be looking into pan scourers.

  2. Both look good. Once I get my Wargames Room set up, and my table, I’ll have to make a few of these myself!

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