Something Stirring in the Barrow

Inspiration can come from unexpected places. I haven’t created any scratch-built terrain in a long while, but when my girlfriend brought me a papier-mâché tray and asked whether I’d have any use for it (I know, she’s a treasure!), it struck me immediately – burial mounds.

The tray made for four sections, two of which I started work on. Not sure yet whether I’ll do four barrows in the end or use the second set for something else. Maybe Goblin mud huts?

Barrow with Cairn Wraith

Cairn Wraith guarding its tomb

Work in progress on the second burial mound.

Work in progress barrow

Barrow construction

The source material, quartered. In case you are wondering, it used to hold kiwis.

Work in progress barrow

Source material for the burial mound

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