Name That Plaguebearer

Back in Warhammer’s Realm of Chaos days the Lesser Daemons designed by Kev Adams were individually named, as befitting their unique personas. The Plaguebearers were always my favourites and I have the full set. Unfortunately there are only 11 different ones, so they don’t make a multiple of Nurgle’s unholy number 7.

Introducing below:

Oldhammer Plaguebearers

Vomitgrot, Doomblight & Snotsprayer

Oldhammer Plaguebearers

Putridsore, Maggotgut & Poxspreader

Oldhammer Plaguebearers

Leperflesh, Woundlicker & Sporestench

Oldhammer Plaguebearers

Plaguescum & Wormrot

6 thoughts on “Name That Plaguebearer

    • I really like these guys for their individual characters, also fits their background very well. Downside is if you want a larger unit, duplicates will be more obvious. For my current edition daemonic horde I am mixing all generations.

    • I’m afraid I only have one set myself. I’ll need to pick up a couple more when the opportunity arises to get to 14 (or even a second unit, depending on my luck).

  1. fyi if you are looking for fantastic Plague Bearer proxies try the Blights from Heresy Minis! They are great, I just got the full set myself and they rock my world. They are metal and multi-part so you can have some fun with them. Let me know if you want some I have a few spares that came in the pack!

    • Thank you for the tip and the offer! The Blights look cool, they have more undead elements to them as well I feel. For this unit of Plaguebearers I specifically only want the original old school sculpts though – I might pick up a few duplicates and get converting to make 14!

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