Scratch-built Plagueship of Nurgle

I was a big fan of Man O’War when it was released but with the ships being both difficult to get hold of and expensive (I was a student and already playing every other GW system available) I scratch-built several fleets.

Fast forward to 2013 and only one ship is still afloat – the near-unsinkable behemoth that is the Nurgle Plagueship.

Man O'War Plagueship of Nurgle

Scratch-built Nurgle Plagueship for Man O’War

It is made entirely out of card, paper, toothpicks, matchsticks and bits of plastic sprues, covered in glue and hard varnish. Using the pages from White Dwarf that showed all components in original size as building instructions, this came together quite easily.

I remember I also had ships for Orcs, Skaven, High Elves, Dwarfs, Empire and some of the other Chaos Powers but threw them out at some point for not being ‘proper’ enough. Admittedly, they were not as slick as the originals but I do wish I had them still. Well, I guess I better get the toothpicks out and start again…

Man O'War Plagueship of Nurgle bow

Matchstick catapult and cardboard/plastic sprue bow

Man O'War Plagueship of Nurgle sails

Hand drawn sails

10 thoughts on “Scratch-built Plagueship of Nurgle

    • Cheers! I usually tried copying the official colour schemes back then and this was during GW’s rather garish phase… I do still like it as well though, a change from the muddy greens.

    • I love the brighter green – and remember well those old days. I started back when Man O War could still be ordered LOL!

  1. This is really cool! Man O’War is one of GW’s best systems IMO. I have a few scratchbuilds mysefl. Your plague ship looks pretty close to the original. That colour scheme is a classic one.

  2. Wow Well done! I miss the old late1980’s GW color palettes, I made this exact model back then out of chipboard and balsa-wood , but I must say you nailed it , Mine looks close but a little frumpy. ;p I still have it and some other ships I made for Man-o-War.

    • Thank you! This was definitely my best effort back then. I’m determined to scratch-build some more again, but progress has been slow. The third Iron Shark is still in the docks. Hope you are going to post your own ships sometime, would be nice to get some inspiration!

  3. Well I actually know where in the Garage I put it came across them last week when searching for different set of minis, If you like I can post a reply here under what tab I eventually put it :D In the coming months I will be transferring a bunch of my tutorials , like converting 2nd ed epic40k buildings to like the 1ed Epic Space Marine game buildings, and How to scratch build a defiler out of epic mini’s you may already have ;) and so on.
    I am new to WordPress so give me time I’m still change layouts and finding what dose what lol

    • Sounds like exciting stuff, looking forward to it! I am checking my WordPress Reader regularly so I am sure I’ll catch your posts there.

      I haven’t worked on Epic 40k in a while, but I have plenty of projects under construction, so any good ideas are very welcome!

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