Empire Artillery Finds Its Mark

I don’t have a standing Empire army for Warhammer at the moment, but many years back I used the contents of a Battle Masters set to build the core of an Altdorf force. That army did not stand the test of time, but I always intended to keep the cannon and use it in a future project.

Since the new Empire army book came out I have been itching to issue a call to arms, and I have accumulated a few new models. I’ve decided to raise an army of Ostermark this time since I like the ostentatious colour scheme along with its bleak and forbidding homeland.

As a test run of the colour scheme I have repainted the Great Cannon. The crew is one member short – the recruitment call is out and I’ll probably get a member of the local militia unit trained up in the art of plonking iron balls down a barrel.

Empire Great Cannon

Empire Great Cannon from Battle Masters

Empire Great Cannon Artillerist

Empire Artillerist

Empire Great Cannon Loader

Cannon Loader

Empire Great Cannon

The fuse is lit

2 thoughts on “Empire Artillery Finds Its Mark

  1. Looks great man! I found your site by googling “Battle Masters crew painted,” yours is one of very few results that popped up. You really WENT FOR IT with the Ostlander colors.

  2. Thanks! I’m satisfied with the colours on the cannon and loader, the gunner less so. I later cut off the plumes on the crew, since I didn’t like the sculpts and the paint job. I might add some nicer ones if I have any left over from other kits. The Empire project hasn’t progressed since, the real test for the Ostermark scheme comes when I raise a block of state troops.

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