Shambling Quartet

I’m a bit short on Zombies for my Warhammer 3rd Edition Undead army, so I’ll have to do without for now. Most of the Zombies in my current Vampire Counts force are from the successor metal range, with new plastics to expand them into a shambling horde.

I very much like these four gentlemen however and I will be looking to bolster their numbers, as there are enough in the range to make a unit entirely composed of unique models. I also should have one or two pre-slotta Zombies unpainted knocking about somewhere.

Oldhammer Zombies

Oldhammer Zombies

Oldhammer Zombie with pitchfork

Oldhammer Zombie with pitchfork

Shambling Oldhammer Zombie

Shambling Oldhammer Zombie

2 thoughts on “Shambling Quartet

  1. I like this very dark and gruesome painting style. It really suits the undead perfectly. The parts where you can see the flesh below the skin looks great. Good work

    • Thanks! The texture of these models is great, especially on the skin areas. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to get the desired effect with drybrushing and several layers of shading, just needed to pick out some bits like bones and muscles. Looking forward to picking up some more of those old models hopefully.

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