Digging for Oldhammer

I started wargaming with Warhammer Fantasy Battle 3rd Edition. I still often go back to the iconic books of that era for inspiration, studying the photograph sections full of weird and wonderful creations and admiring the artwork. I own a bunch of miniatures from that time, scattered through a range of different armies, while others got lost over the years unfortunately.

When I discovered a number of blogs establishing the concept of “Oldhammer”, I was inspired to dig through my collections to find all those models and form them up into armies according to the rules of the 3rd age of Warhammer.

First up are the Undead. This is the largest single faction of 3rd Edition miniatures I have. As I go along, finishing some bits and pieces, I will post photos and an army list.

Oldhammer Undead

Oldhammer Undead

I am sure there are more blogs out there on the topic of Oldhammer, but these are the ones I follow at the moment:

Realm of Chaos 80s
The Citadel Collector
Goblin Lee’s Miniatures Blog
Kings Minis
The Privates Eternal

One thought on “Digging for Oldhammer

  1. Some nice looking Skeles you have here. I am trying to get mine up and running on my oldhammer blog too.. The shields are also coming along great..
    you are welcome to have a look..
    If you leave a comment it will remind me to earmark yours for future reading (at work at the moment so I should not be doing this)..

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