Charge of the Wolf Riders

Gitznak’s Goblin Wolf Riders rose to infamy in the Wolf Lands east of the Worlds Edge Mountains, raiding, plundering and hiring themselves out as scouts for many an ambitious Warboss. Few of those succeeded in their lofty ambitions but Gitznak always ensured that his crew stuck around till first pay day – and not a moment longer.

Recently, following a misunderstanding surrounding the delivery of wares to one of the slave masters in Mount Grey Hag, Gitznak decided to lead his tribe through Mad Dog Pass and into the Badlands in search for a new employer who hasn’t caught wind of his previous ‘credentials’.

Goblin Wolf Riders by Marauder Miniatures

Gitznak’s Wolf Riders charge the Dwarf artillery

Goblin Wolf Rider Musician by Marauder Miniatures

Goblin horn blower sounding the charge

Goblin Wolf Rider Standard by Marauder Miniatures

Wolf Riders’ banner

Goblin Wolf Riders for Warhammer

Only grapeshot could save the Dwarfs now

2 thoughts on “Charge of the Wolf Riders

    • The current generation of plastics are not really doing it for me – though they might make good Hobgoblins for a Chaos Dwarf army… Glad I have two units of these old gits. The second mob are archers, not fully painted yet :(

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