Norvin Goldbeard’s Dwarf Throng

The core of this Dwarf army is built on the contents of Battle for Skull Pass, the starter set for Warhammer 7th Edition. The units it contained, added to the various Dwarf miniatures I had accumulated over the years, also inspired its background.

Norvin Goldbeard’s throng would be an expeditionary force operating in the Black Mountains. Its purpose is to locate and reconquer lost minor holds and mines that have fallen to invaders or abandoned as the empire of the Dwarfs withdrew to its key cities.

The army contains Rangers to scout the mountainsides, Ironbreakers to spearhead tunnel fighting, Miners with pick axes to split both stone and skulls plus two contingents of Thunderers and an Organ Gun that can fill any tunnel with a deadly hail of lead. All these are based around a solid block of Warriors and a cannon no Dwarf army would be complete without. The prospect of avenging the loss of what rightfully belongs to the Dwarfs has also attracted a large number of Trollslayers to the cause, amongst them two Giantslayers and a Dragonslayer who is itching to battle the most horrific of monsters lurking in the mountains.

Seeing as the army would be venturing into the wilds for long stretches of time, a Runesmith has joined its ranks to ensure that weapons and armour are kept well inscribed with runes of protection and offensive powers alike. The Lord’s second in command is a Thane who wields a massive double handed axe.

Warhammer Dwarf throng

Norvin Goldbeard’s throng arrayed for battle

Warhammer Dwarf Lord

Dwarf Lord Norvin Goldbeard

  • 1 Dwarf Lord
  • 1 Runesmith
  • 1 Dragonslayer
  • 1 Thane with great weapon
  • 20 Dwarf Warriors with Veteran
  • 10 Thunderers with Veteran
  • 10 Thunderers
  • 14 Rangers with Veteran and great weapons
  • 15 Miners with Prospector
  • 14 Ironbreakers with Ironbeard
  • 19 Trollslayers with 2 Giantslayers
  • 1 Cannon
  • 1 Organ Gun

The army adds up to 2000 points, with 120 points allocated to spend on runic magic items.

There is a lot of work left to do before this army is fully painted but with at least a few base colours on everything (black undercoat, iron and skin tone go a long way) it looks decent and unified on the battlefield. Some close-ups of finished models can be found in this earlier post.

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