Chaos Chariot

Chaos Chariot

Chariot driven into battle by the Warriors of Chaos

Chaos Chariot

Slicing blades adorn the chariot

2 thoughts on “Chaos Chariot

  1. Nice…I would apply some rust or brown weathering powder on the armour plates and use water effects on the blood. Mix red paint on the water effects (vallejo or GW) and apply as paint it works quite well…

    • I’ll have to look at this again once I have painted up my Chaos Knights/Warriors to tie them together with their colour schemes. I want to keep armour/weapons of all Warriors/Marauders a rather stark and cold black/iron. Not keen on rust effects, that’s not the image I have for this army. On the horses I see the wash more like a layer of grime from the blood and guts they have been stomping through on their way through the civilised lands. Some mud/dust on the wheels/boots might be a good touch, I’ll probably do that for the whole army once it is done. I think water effects on any blood would make it too prominent. Maybe I’ll try to differentiate the splatters though, make some darker and matt (old stains) and the light, fresh ones more glistening.

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