3 thoughts on “Hittite Chariots”

  1. Man you are all over the place, like me…Marines/Dark Eldar/ Ancients etc etc….
    Awesome man!!! you play all these or commission paint them?


    1. It’s the assorted treasures of 20+ years of wargaming. I start a lot, with my interests being varied, but rarely finish anything. It’s all mine, I only enjoy building/painting for my own collection.


    2. I totally understand you, I am a 20 + year veteran as well..Started when I was 13, hahahaha…..and I also have that tendency of starting a lot of projects, I’ve been starting to control it just now, or so I thought. I sold two large 40k armies only to purchase more miniatures in the form of FOW, Warmachine and more 40k hahaha…


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