Beastmen Gor

Warhammer Beastmen Gor

Beastmen Gor

2 thoughts on “Beastmen Gor

  1. I love those old school Beastmen miniatures. I believe I even had the command group you’ve used way back in the 90s when I played using the outrageous warband rules from Slaves to Darkness.

    Good painting, and I like the use of terrain in the photo.

    • Thanks! I originally painted this lot a long while ago and fielded them in combined Chaos forces. Still don’t have enough for a pure Beastmen horde under current rules, but it’s always on my agenda. I later added some shields and some additional hand weapons to a couple of the models, and I’ll probably split the unit up and mix with the new models so I’ll have one unit each with the different wargear options.

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